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Welcome to Jurassic Park

O’ahu’s Ka’a’awa Valley is known as Hollywood’s “Hawaii Backlot”; and Kualoa’s Jurassic Valley has played host to some of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters since the 1950’s, including (yes you guessed it) Jurassic Park!

And no-one was more excited about the prospect of visiting Jurassic Park than our young Flightie Ambassadors Bekah and Rachelle. In fact, they were so excited at the prospect of visiting the movie set that our ears are still ringing…

During the January Ambassador trip to Hawaii we explored the Kualoa Ranch on multi-passenger raptors. Unbelievably when I told my boyfriend we’d explored Jurassic Park on raptors – he thought we’d been riding dinosaurs!



In groups of four per raptor, our awesome ATV tour took us past iconic Jurassic sets like the Indominus Rex dinosaur pen, the Jurassic Park gate, the Gyrosphere loading dock, as well as the famous fallen log from Jurassic Park.



“For anyone who is a big fan of movies or just plain AMAZING scenery, Kualoa ranch is a MUST! Seeing the dinosaur enclosure from Jurassic world made me feel like I was in the movie minus the carnivorous characters and looking at the rolling mountains going out to the sea was a sight that I have yet to see or experience elsewhere! Going in the Raptors vs a quad bike was a bonus! Getting into the ranch and all it’s excitement amongst the other ambassadors compared to on my own was something I really enjoyed.” Rachelle



“The Jurassic Park tour we did at the ranch was amazing. It was so cool to see those amazing mountains and the green plains. We got to see some of the movie sets as well and it was such a nostalgic thing for me! I had so much fun driving in the raptors and running down the hills! Haha ” Bekah



Kualoa Ranch is just a 40 minute drive from Waikiki and the guided ATV tours go out rain or shine. crossing streams and diggin’ through dirt are just part of the fun aren’t they Ben?!

(For those of you unsure of what happened here – Ben drove Izzy & Zoe at full speed through a big muddy puddle!!)

Want your own adventure on one of O’ahu’s best ATV tours during your extended Global trip? Check out more tours here: http://www.kualoa.com/

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