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Triple Threat

They were the troublemakers, the late-night partiers and the Flightie newbies during the ambassador trip to the 2017 Global location Hawaii – we find out what floats their boat and what’s enticing them to get their arses back to Hawaii later this year…

Where do you work and how long have you been a Flightie?

Zoe: I’m at Flight Centre Mt Ommaney Mega and I’ve been a flightie for just over a year and a bit!

Izzy: I work at Student Flights (best brand obvi) and have been a flightie for just over a year now!

Ben: I’ve been at Infinity Holidays International Brisbane for 10 months

What’s the best story you’ve heard about Global?

Zoe: The best story I’ve heard about Global has to be the comradery that everyone experiences, which you can totally sense from the videos! Being part of a worldwide company with so many different people from so many different places is awesome – but when we’re all brought together by Global this company is pretty bloody cool!

Izzy: You always hear of those lucky consultants who qualify last minute, on the last day of the month, I think that’s truly incredible and just shows how hard flighties work and that it pays off… Every other story I have heard involves not much sleep and a wholllllllllllle lot of alcohol!

Ben: Hamish and Andy hosted last year!

What is motivating you to get to Global?

Zoe: Being recognised as a high achiever in a company that can take you so far, would just be incredible! I love how everything starts and circles around retail so being the best retail consultant ever and getting to Global would definitely inspire me throughout my whole FCTG career (and the party and the destination and the celebs is pretty enticing too!)

Izzy: To go back to Hawaii and experience it all again, Hawaii was incredible 10/10 destination.  

Ben: I get to go to Hawaii again, all the cocktails!

What’s your Hawaii highlight?

Zoe: My Hawaii highlight was probably THE LAVA ! How could it not be – 10/10 surreal moment. Or just the nightlife in Waikiki, the best times ever, sunset cocktails by the beach, a nice dinner, and then heading out afterwards – it’s got it all!

Izzy: Definitely seeing the volcano in Hilo. Picture this, sunrise and hot orange lava flowing into the ocean, I felt like I wasn’t even on planet earth!

Ben: Seeing lava flow out of the volcano in Hilo

What’s your favourite cocktail and why?

Zoe: My fave cocktail, would be an Amaretto Sour, tastes like starbursts, so tasty! But the best cocktail I had in Hawaii was a Maui Mule, it was just like a Moscow Mule just tropical!

Izzy: Long Island Ice tea, because they get you drunk the fastest!

Ben: Long Island Ice Tea, it has 5 spirit’s in it!

Sum up your experience of Hawaii in a single sentence

Zoe: My Hawaiian adventure was exhilarating, fun, crazy, and exceeded my expectations!

Izzy: Once in a lifetime experience, absolutely unforgettable!

Ben: Easily one of the best holidays I have ever had!!

Oh, and
Aside from Hawaii (obvs) – what’s the best place you’ve ever visited and why?

Zoe: The best place I’ve been would have to be the South of France – Cocktails, Muscles and Pomme Frittes, Sunshine, Beach clubs…. Need I say more!

Izzy: Definitely NYC… New York never sleeps and it is the best city in the world, you can’t find a hustle like you find there, every neighbourhood is equally as inspiring as the next.

Ben: South Africa. Nando’s was ridiculously cheap!

The Team in their element! 


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