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The Good, (The Bad) and The Not to be Forgotten

We’ve heard from the new flighties, and now it’s time to hear from the long-timers. We asked Global ambassadors Paddy & Briony for their best Global story and what they’d recommend no one attends without!

Where do you work and how long have you been a Flightie?

Paddy: I am the Marketing Manager for My Adventure Travel based out of the Melbourne head office. I’ve been with Flight Centre for about five years.

Briony: 15 years, with a 3 year break in the middle.


You’ve been to Global before…where did you go and what got you there?

Paddy: I went to Singapore last year – and actually qualified twice. Firstly was the Global Marketer of the Year award, and secondly through My Adventure Travel turn around and being part of the M.A.T swot team.

Briony: Yes – Las Vegas 3 times, Macau and Cancun


Tell us your best Global story.

Paddy: Saturday night after the awards ceremony hosted by Hamish and Andy, there were two acts. There are usually only on act, so the second act was unexpected, and turned out to be Fatboy Slim. I met my wife at a Fatboy Slim concert – I think I told half the attendees – it was great to see him live again.

Briony: Diving with Whalesharks in Cancun was amazing. Being surrounded by hundreds of sharks and Manta Rays was a beautiful experience. Also, front row (right in front of the DJ box) when Will-I-Am played was an amazing experience.


What 5 things should every Flightie have in their bag for Global?

Paddy: Their drinking shoes, Some Berocca, No Doze and Panadol (apply liberally), An open mind (pretty much anything goes!) AND their dancing shoes!

Briony: Dancing shoes, the expectation to be “wowed”, a valid passport, a ‘be prepared to jump in head first’ attitude and the ability to relax and enjoy this amazing accomplishment you’ve achieved.

What is motivating you to get to Global this year?

Paddy: Last year – 100%. It was a once in a lifetime event – I’m keen to make it twice in a lifetime!

Briony: To be the best that I can be.


Sum up your experience of Hawaii in a single sentence

Paddy: Exceeded all expectations – sun, sand, volcanoes, dolphins, cocktails, zip lining and great food – oh, and many beers.

Briony: Wow. Just Wow.


I don’t know about you, but just hearing all about their Global experiences me itching to get to Global… if you feel the same, you know what you’ve got to do!

Oh, and we want to hear your Global stories – leave us your best ones in the comments below.

About the Author
Becca is an avid traveller, a trained copywriter and one of Australia’s leading video marketers. As a creative content producer she’s pumped to be engaging, entertaining and intriguing the FCTG nations with written and visual communications in the run up to Global.