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The Perfect Sarong

The pareau ( sarong )  is a must-have staple item to have at your disposable in Hawaii next week. Why? Because it’s so versatile.

Quite frankly you can wear it from dusk till dawn… and because Hawaiian Airlines will be giving out a pareau to all Flighties at Global, we thought they were the best to show us how it can be worn!

Start your day with your sarong tied loosely around your waist like a long skirt. Perfect for breakfast in the sun or early morning strolls on the beach!

As the sun rises, so should you sarong. Fold it in half and tie loosely around your waist so that it just brushes your knees.

Got a little bit of downtime to enjoy the beach? Lie on your sarong rather than using a beach towel!

When cocktails are calling simply turn your sarong into a halter-neck dress.

And when the cocktails are in full flow… just go with it…

Until you need it the next morning!!

See you in Hawaii,

Aloha xx