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Rise of the underdog

We all know that you’ve got to be ‘in it to win it’ when it comes to getting your arse to global, and the struggle is most certainly real when you’re striving for a global award!

So, it makes me extremely happy to share the success story of Global IT Award winner Anish Kumar, who supports 100 staff, is the sole person responsible for IT in the UAE and has knocked India off their three year winning streak!

Anish pictured with his wife and two sons


Anish has been with the company for just four years and in that time he has seen the opening of three physical retail stores and three corporate implant teams. He’s been the person responsible for building and managing the networks and infrastructure to make all of it possible.

In his application submission Anish wrote, “My efforts are only possible with the support of my colleagues both locally and globally and many industry professionals. It is with this support, I alone “Deliver amazing IT experiences” to my business”

Over the past 12 months Anish has retained a 100% satisfaction level, which he puts down to his “constant engagement, communication and innovation”

Nothing highlights his innovation more than when Du’s (a UAE Telco) submarine cables along the ocean floor broke and left the whole of FCTG in the UAE completely isolated from it systems. Without connection, the team of 100 could talk to customers but were unable to quote, invoice or access the enquiry management system.

Knowing the problem would take time to fix, Anish diverted all traffic and IT systems through a hub in India so that the retail operations could be reinstated. His solution took 5 days to implement, while the Telco took over 2 weeks to fully rectify the situation.

Managing Director, Andrew Boxall said “It was completely out of control. Anish saw the problem, fully jumped on it and got us across the line. It was so good!”

Winning this award has brought with it HUGE team morale and family celebrations.

Anish with his wife and parents


“This is the only award that UAE will receive this year. We get to global and we get to go home with a gong! The fact it’s Anish, our sole IT guy, and that he’s heading to Hawaii to receive the award is massive” said UAE Managing Director Andrew Boxall.

“I know as many time global attendees we can sometimes forget the power of global and what it means, but this experience is something that not only will make Anish proud, but his family and his extended family back in India… There is a village tonight celebrating this award and this man! The memory and power of this award for what arguably was an underdog is fantastic and incredibly well deserved by Anish.”

Congratulations Anish, we look forward to seeing you in Hawaii

Aloha x