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New Kid on the Block

Kim Gerard is the newest member of the Global 2017 production team. Kim has worked at cievents for the past 7 years and produced events for finance, automotive and FMCG clients and is now turning her hand at this year’s Global in Hawaii!

So Kim, I’m assuming you’ve never been to Global…

Actually yes I have, I went last year!
I was an area leader and went as an attendee.

What was your favourite bit about last year’s event?

There were so many amazing elements, but I’d have to say the talent line up was the best bit. The welcome party was incredible with Basement Jaxx & Peking Duck – I think I was deaf for a couple of weeks after that because I stood a bit too close to the speakers. Oh, and the after party – I absolutely love Fatboy Slim!

And aside from the music line-up?

As someone who works for cievents, the best part for me is how incredible and passionate all the ci teams are. Putting together an event of this size is really exhausting and I don’t think anyone realises how little sleep the team run on to make it happen. There’s a huge amount to pressure in the lead up to the event because the bar raises every year – we’ve got to do bigger and better!

At the end of the day though Global isn’t about the business, it’s about rewarding Flighties for their amazing work. And for a corporate event, it’s actually more like a festival. Everyone who attends is a winner and they have the biggest smiles from the moment they arrive. It’s really quite unbelievable to witness.

What’s your role in the planning of Global this year?

I’m an Executive Producer / Project Lead. Every component of the event has a production lead and all those production leads report into me. I manage the production budget and the timelines across the pre production and event. As an event this size has many moving parts and can be quite fluid, it’s my job to ensure that information across the teams is shared, and that everyone is working together on task.

Producing an event this size has got to be stressful, what’s been the hardest bit so far?

I wouldn’t say it’s hard, it’s challenging. There’s always something that comes up, and if it was easy we wouldn’t have a job. It’s supposed to look easy but there’s a lot of work behind the scenes. You’ve got to have a practical mind, be a creative problem solver and have the ability to put stuff into perspective. You can’t let the hiccups get you down, because the show must go on. If I’m honest, it’s an adrenaline rush!

What are you most excited for at Global this year?

I’m most excited about seeing everyone have a good time. It’s what makes the hard work all the more rewarding.

Have you been to Hawaii before?

Yes, I’ve done quite a few events in Hawaii. In fact I used to live in the U.S. and do a lot of events out of LA. My trips to Hawaii have primarily been for work, but I’ve extended trips for some personal time.

What’s your favourite bit about Hawaii?

It’s got to be frozen cocktails in pineapples with mini umbrellas and maraschino cherries, closely followed by the conch blowers and the tiki torch lighters at sunset.

And finally, can you give us an insight into any of the artists performing this year?

Oh that’s top secret. I could get fired if I leaked that kind of information!

No one in the office, apart from those working directly with the talent, has any idea who they will be. That those of us in the know talk in code when referring to the talent line up. That’s all you’re getting – my lips are sealed!

About the Author
Becca is an avid traveller, a trained copywriter and one of Australia’s leading video marketers. As a creative content producer she’s pumped to be engaging, entertaining and intriguing the FCTG nations with written and visual communications in the run up to Global.