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Got Global FOMO? You should have!

While all you flighties out there are working your arses off to qualify for Global 2017, it’s also crunch time for the 20+ members of the Global Gathering team who are working incredibly hard to make sure that this year’s event is, without doubt, the best weekend of your life!


We’ve previously heard from our Big Spirit ambassadors Briony and Paddy about the entertainment – that being front row (right in front of the DJ box) when Will-I-Am played in 2014 was an amazing experience; and that FatBoy Slim in 2012 & 2016 was a huge surprise – a once in a lifetime experience….so it should come as no surprise that the GG Team have booked in some phenomenal world class acts for Hawaii – including some Grammy Award winners!

I’ve been assured this year’s talent is set to be bigger and better than previous years, but no matter how hard I tried to get the inside info from Executive Producer / Project Lead Kim Gerard her lips are sealed.

In fact, the music acts at Global are so top secret that no one at cievents, apart from those working directly with the talent, has any idea who they will be. AND that those in the know talk in code when referring to the talent line up!!!

She did let slip that some of the random talent rider requests include: basketball hoop, fresh ginger and raw, organic honey; mini M&M’s (thankfully no colours removed) and Bounty bars.

As for the Gathering conference on Saturday, we don’t want to talk it up too much but the keynote has been labelled as the ‘best ever’ and Kim Gerard says it is “without a doubt the highest profile we have worked with”. If this wasn’t enough, this year the delegates will experience the biggest, brightest and most immersive light show ever seen at Global.

Creative Director Louise Schweikert says “Gathering will have over 270 individual lighting fixtures installed, weighing around 10 ton – that’s a lot of lights!”. Add to this a state of the art audio system, special effects and a custom made stage set.  

All that, and we haven’t even touched on the tropical glam themed Highlight Gala Dinner, the amazing sponsor events, the cocktail parties, the beach shenanigans yet!

And apparently over 330 gold pineapples are part of of the props and set specifically made on order for this event!!

On that note, Kerry-Anne Walker (aka KAW),  had this to say: “Sun, Sand, Sunrise with a Cocktail in a Pineapple … what more do you need to be the best Global Ever?!

“Seriously I think the fact that everyone has had to work so hard this year to win their spot at Global means more than ever before. It’s been a tough year .. but Flighties are made of tough stufff and if anyone can Ride the Wave to success we can!”

Bet you’ve got a touch of FOMO now right?!

See you in Hawaii!!

About the Author
Becca is an avid traveller, a trained copywriter and one of Australia’s leading video marketers. As a creative content producer she’s pumped to be engaging, entertaining and intriguing the FCTG nations with written and visual communications in the run up to Global.