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Embrace the ‘Aloha Spirit’


Hawaii has a unique culture and visitors from across the globe are warmly welcomed with the ‘Spirit of Aloha’ – a reference to Hawaiian’s attitude of friendly acceptance and respect for others and the environment.

This year’s Global is all about the Big Spirit, and Hawaii couldn’t be a better location for this year’s Global Gathering – it has it’s very own version of Big Spirit to which it lives and breathes – the Aloha Spirit.

Over past articles we’ve explored many different authentic Hawaiian traditions and experiences, but what’s the perfect combination for embracing the ‘Aloha Spirit’?

“What sets Hawaii apart from so many other holiday destinations is the welcoming embrace of its people and a rich culture that infuses so many aspects of daily life. Form a deep reverence for nature to the many opportunities to share in Hawaii’s authentic traditions of celebration, music and dance. You are sure to be enchanted”

Kerri Anderson, Country Manager Australia, Hawaii Tourism Oceania


The Lei

The giving of a flower lei is one of Hawaii’s best known cultures and is synonymous with friendship and hospitality.

While ancient traditional lei were made from feathers and shells, modern lei are made from fresh flowers.

Today, greeters welcome visitors to the islands with an ‘aloha’ and an adornment of beautiful leis upon arrival to the island. Something you’ll experience first-hand at Global this year!

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The Hula

The hula is another traditional cultural icon in Hawaii. It’s the preservation of important stories and traditions in an expression of happiness and fun through dance and music.

The ancient from of hula is accompanied by dramatic chants and percussion; whereas modern hula is far more colourful with guitars and ukuleles.

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The Surf

The culture and lifestyle of Hawaiian’s centres around water both recreationally and spiritually.

Water has always played a major part in Hawaiian culture, with Ancient Hawaiians believing that water, along with the land, belonged only to the gods and therefore could not be owned – not even by the highest ranking.

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The Food

Poke is Hawaii’s favourite raw-fish dish, and this traditional dish has existed on the Hawaiian Islands for hundreds of years.

Pronounced ‘poh-keh’, the dish is typically seasoned chunks of raw-fish (frequently yellowfin tuna) served over rice and is certainly a must-try when you’re in Hawaii later this year!

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The Cocktails

Global wouldn’t be Global without cocktails; and Hawaii wouldn’t be Hawaii without them either!

You’ll find Mai Tai’s on the menu in almost every Hawaiian restaurant and bars, and Flight Fest on Friday night Globus will be taking over the infamous Mai Tai Bar at The Royal Hawaiian.

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