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Behind the scenes: shaved unicorn horn and oversized burgers

We all know that the standard office 9-5 can be a bit…well, boring sometimes. And that some days even the office banter and client interaction just doesn’t cut it!

Well, for some lucky Global Gathering Team members the end of this week has been packed full of filming in preparation for the big screens in Hawaii.

They’ve just wrapped 3 full days of filming with our Hoku sponsors: Hawaiian Airlines, Globus, American Airlines, Amadeus, Virgin Australia, Qantas and AM Resorts; and some very special guests (which I’m not allowed to disclose just yet!)

Over 30 hours of filming will get turned into 7x 2-3 minute sponsor videos and one rather spectacular Global Gathering 2017 opening video.

For those of you who’ve never been on a film set, let me paint a picture…

Shoot days are truly magical. Despite the hours and hours of preparation that goes into making it actually happen, when the cameras roll anything can happen and nothing ever surprises you.

Creating video content allows you to be completely transported to another place. Literally!

This week the studio was turned into the Big Spirit ‘business’ with plenty of eagers customers coming through.

The devil was most certainly in the detail on set with more than 100 individual props and wardrobe items used during production.

In my opinion the best props included shaved unicorn horn, a 7m stretched limo, 50m of pink carpet, and a chicken suit. Let’s also not forget the touch of spirituality!

It just goes to show that the Global team always go the extra mile even if it means creating big burger patties for an oversized burger and cooking them onsite…

But now the tough work begins… all the hours of content need to be creatively edited into individual, funny 2 minutes video that convey the sponsor’s’ message. There’s certainly going to be some long hours spent in the post production studio to create the magic.


As we edge closer and closer to Global, it’s getting harder and harder for the team and I to keep everything a secret. It’s just all so exciting and we want to tell everyone about it!

But…. there’s a limit to what we can share. So I guess you’ll have to be at Global to find out about it!
Aloha x