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Behind-the-scenes of our Sponsor Filming Day with Amadeus

For those of you who have been to Global before you’ll know all about the hilarious sponsor videos that are shown on the big screen, but for those of you who have never witnessed the sponsor shenanigans this one’s for you…

A few weeks ago I caught up with Tony Carter, Managing Director of Hoku sponsor Amadeus during the filming of this year’s sponsor videos to find out all absolutely ridiculous costumes the production team have put him in over the years for our entertainment.

Since coming on board as a sponsor in 2012, Tony has been ‘tortured’ with stale food, dressed as superwoman and taken on the role of a veteran catwalk model… but it turns out, the weirdest costume he’s ever been put in has been Princess Leia!

Keeping the costumes and situations of these videos secret is “like Christmas. You want to tell everyone, but you can’t tell until the day.” says Tony.

Christian Marchand, Event Producer for this year’s Global Gathering said, “We know that Tony is a good sport so we usually get him in some outrageous outfit / situation.”

Yet despite all the weird and wonderful costumes and storylines, Tony believes that the best part of Global is “seeing the wildness and excitement of FCTG people enjoying themselves”

I asked Tony to send me a few pictures from the videos he’s been involved in over the past four years…enjoy!

2012 – Conskroocious

“I was tortured by being forced to eat spring rolls deep fried in high cholesterol fat and 5 day old fried rice from bucks party. I held out as long as I could, but eventually I was forced to talk about Technology with Personality!”

2013 – Hospital Cancun

“I was the long lost identical twin brother of Dr Ramirez, and after 20 years working as an international catwalk model, I began working at Amadeus, providing the world’s best IT solutions to the travel industry.”

2014 – Star Wars

“They found a clip of an audition I did for Darth Vader and Princess Leia where I was a master of Amadeus, talking about Amadeus and Altea, it’s what makes Amadeus better.”

2015 – Royal Flush

“Tagged as moderately attractive Tony at best, I was bullied by the detectives into confessing that Amadeus works closely with Partners and the industry to meet their needs and develop solutions that help their business.”

2016 – Skroo Loose

“I was the stunt man for the Skroo Loose movies as well as playing Super Girl.  One of Amadeus’ biggest stunts was the migration of Flight Centre in the UK, South Africa, Middle East and Asia on to Amadeus.”

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see what outfit and situation Tony was put in this year!

See you in Hawaii Flighties. Aloha x

About the Author
Becca is an avid traveller, a trained copywriter and one of Australia’s leading video marketers. As a creative content producer she’s pumped to be engaging, entertaining and intriguing the FCTG nations with written and visual communications in the run up to Global.