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Alrighty flighties, it’s time to go back to uni!

For some, university is a recent memory and for others it’ll be many moons ago. One thing is for sure though, the years you spent at uni were probably some of the best you’ve ever had.

So grab your Berocca and curb your hangover, because the theme for this year’s Gathering is Big Spirit University and will start with a bang thanks to second year hoku sponsor AMResorts!

Set on the famous Ching Field football field; you’ll be treated to a first-class buffet breakfast, and be treated to the full American College experience: cheerleader and marching bands including.

Much like their, Unlimited-Luxury® offerings; the breakfast will be all inclusive and offer unlimited dining. Plus no reservations will be required!

For those who feel a bit nostalgic, feel free to sit in the bleachers (American term for outdoor stadium seating) and re-enact the ‘Summer lovin’ scene from Grease.

Colette Baruth, Senior Vice President Sales, Marketing & Distribution at AMResorts said “the relationship we have with Flight Centre is invaluable to us.”

“Over recent years we’ve been focusing on large global growth and we’ve grown exponentially. Flight Centre has been there to support us and we wouldn’t be where we are now without it; so it’s great to give back and be a sponsor at such a flagship event.”

The events and breakfast feast that AMResorts has in store for you are going to be like none-other. Make sure to get up, dust yourself off and shelve the Friday night hangovers – the Big Spirit University breakfast is not to be missed!

See you on the football field!

Aloha x