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The 2017 Global Conference

The 2017 Global Gathering here in Hawaii may have been the 30th but it was packed full of a lot of firsts.
This year marked the first group shot in 30 years; the first time that the Global Reveal was done via Facebook Live and the first time that Sabre was one of our top sponsors alongside Etihad.

It’s been a huge year for FCTG and it was a massive day for attendees of conference, why? Because our number one philosophy revolves around ‘our people’ – our Flighties!!

Global Gathering has always been the ultimate reward and recognition event on our Flight Centre calendar. And this year has been no exception.

From humble beginnings back in 1987 on the Gold Coast to now, here in Hawaii, we’ve celebrated our achievements on an international level.

Gatherings have been held in Las Vegas, Thailand, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Bali … to Dublin, Paris, Singapore, Macau, Cancun and Barcelona to name just a few!!

Now, Global wouldn’t be possible without our fabulous sponsors – which is why we dressed them up for this year’s sponsor videos filmed at the Big Spirit Cafe with non-other than the Australia’s very own Bondi Hipsters Christiaan and Nicholas (aka Dom and Adrian) Here are my top favs…

Virgin Australia’s Alyssa O’Connell showed us her moves and had the guts to drink a green smoothie made from dragon semen…

Head Kahuna over at Hawaiian Airlines, Gai Tyrrell got herself banned from the Big Spirit Cafe because she had been getting around Waikiki disguised as a ‘Crystal Healer’ going door to door trying to flog worthless crystals on anyone dumb enough to buy them…

And Amadeus’ Tony Carter found himself as a sign spinner trying to work his marketing skills on Dom and Adrian… all whilst dressed as a chicken!

Meanwhile on stage:

Hoku sponsor Globus announced the winner of their $5000 FlightFest prize…

And there were two huge birthdays to celebrate… FCGP turned 10 and Flight Centre New Zealand turned 30!!

Etihad truely stepped up as one of our top sponsors this year by rewarding one lucky Canadian with $20k (yes $20k!) of Etihad travel to spend any time, any way she likes!

Plus, they offered all Global attendees 50% off flights for them and a plus one!!

Our co-top sponsor Sabre presented President Bill Clinton as the guest speaker. What an honour!!

Our key takeaways from his keynote included the three questions you should ask yourself if you want to be a leader in your field:

1. What do you want to do?

2. How are you going to keep score?

3. How will you know you’ve done a good job when it’s over?

Because having the answers to the questions will help you deal with adversity, change and people

“Realising your dream involves the input of other people. Life is a team sport. […]. No body knows everything.” He said.

“If I had to give you two pieces of advice, the first would be that in sunshine and storm, do what you believe is right and feel good about it.

“And secondly, you should believe that you are doing something good.”

Now I really should keep his keynote under wraps, because the delegates won their seats and were honoured to be here but he listed three ‘must-read’ books which I promised I’d share on the blog:

1. Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson

2. The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

3. Gratitude by Oliver Sacks

Last but no means least, just before the conference wrapped, we revealed the destination for Global 2018…

Check out the Facebook Live video on Workplace: https://fctg.facebook.com/groups/278673415878257/permalink/314694265609505/

Aloha x