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How to create the perfect Mai Tai


If there’s one cocktail that defines the islands of Hawaii it’s the Mai Tai. Just one sip and you feel like you’re on the beach.

While you’ll find Mai Tai’s on the menu in most Hawaiian restaurants and bars, The Royal Hawaiian has had 60 years to master the drink. So I’m super excited to announce that for the Flight Fest on Friday night, Globus will be taking over their infamous Mai Tai Bar and turning into the GLOBAR. On offer of course will be the Mai Tai.


What makes a Mai Tai?

With it’s delicate blend of citrus, hints of almond and a touch of smoky rum – a Hawaiian Mai Tai is both strong and sweet. Being adorned with a piece of pineapple or paper umbrella makes them perfect for tourists, and they’re a go-to-drink for Hawaiian locals because of their strength.


How do I make the perfect Mai Tai?

There are 5 steps to creating the perfect, Hawaii-approved Mai Tai:

    1. Build It
      To start you’ll need the basic ingredients: a citrus juice (such as lime, orange or pineapple), orgeat syrup, orange curaçao liqueur, and a dark rum (for the float).
    2. Pour It
      Simply pour 1oz. white rum, 1/2 oz. orgeat syrup, 1/2 oz. orange Curaçao, 2 oz. pineapple juice and 1 oz. orange juice into a glass over ice.
      Note: it doesn’t matter what order you pour these in!
    3. Roll It
      A strange, but effective technique – pour the concoction, including the ice, into another cup. The proceed to pour it back and forth between the two cups until it’s thoroughly mixed together.
    4. Add the float
      Hawaii’s hand-crafted Mai Tais are famous for the dark rum float on top. Add your float by pouring dark rum over the top of the drink.
      Note: a dark, smoky rum is always best!
    5. Garnish (and enjoy beachside!)
      Decorate your glass with a pineapple slice, cherry, lime wedge or paper umbrella; and enjoy on the beach!


Did you know?

Despite the fact that the Mai Tai looks perfect next to an Hawaiian beach, the cocktail itself isn’t native to Hawaii. Victor J Bergeron, owner of polynesian-themed restaurant Trader Vic’s’ claims to have invented the cocktail at his Californian restaurant in 1944!

Bergeron brought the Mai Tai to Hawaii in 1955, and  it was then that he crafted a special recipe for the iconic Royal Hawaiian resort.

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